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Words You Need – Teachers


I can pay 750 rub per student per month, and the course lasts two months. It starts on 26.07 so you need to be available online between 26.07 and 26.09.

The work:

Each week there will be three or four lessons and an optional extended writing homework once every 2 weeks.

The homework for each lesson is the same:

1: The student chooses 5 words from the list that they find difficult to remember.

2: They write five sentences with these words.

3: They send these sentences to you as a text in Telegram.

4: They send a recording of themselves reading their sentences.

For example:

1: The student chooses the following words: cause, cover, discover, effect, prevent

2: The student sends these sentences:

“Please put cover on pan”
“I don’t know what is the cause of his bad mood”
“The police tried to discover what was happened”
“The weather has great effect on my mood”
“I want to prevent it to break”

3: and this voice message:

The teacher’s job:

1: Send a text reply with corrections – e.g. Please put ____ cover on ____ pan.

2: Send a voice message and you focus on their pronunciation of the 5 words, and also any other words that seemed really bad! Don’t give too much feedback though! Be selective!


Are you available ONLINE from 26.07-26.09

Can you reply to students within 24 hours?

If so, please send me (+79315838466 / +447579211888 on Telegram / WhatsApp)

– a text with your correction of the 5 sentences above

– a voice message with your comments on the pronunciation in this recording

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