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Question Forming


Yes / No Questions
Simple Questions
Subject Questions
Questions with Prepositions
Mixed Questions

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Classroom Materials

Yes / No Questions

– Practice simple questions with modals and auxiliaries

– Good speed dating task

– Good for me too / me neither

Questions from Answers

– Practice forming subject questions with question words

– Good ‘get to know you‘ task

Questions with ‘Like’

Practice ‘What is she like?’ – ‘What does she like?’ – ‘What does she look like?’

General Knowledge Questions

– Practice indirect questions starting with “Do you know…”
– Practice making “I don’t know…” statements
– Practice question tags to confirm what you think you already know.

Quizlet Cards

Yes / No Questions (175 cards) – Great speed dating set. Good for me too / me neither / so ___ am I / neither ___ I.

Guess the Animal (56 cards) – Printable – Students ask Yes / No questions to figure out what animal their neighbour is thinking of.

Get to Know You – Questions from Answers (127 cards) – A good first lesson task to practice question forming

Make your own Quiz (80 cards) – Printable – Students use the answers given to make their own quiz questions.

General Knowledge (100 cards) – Students answer with question tags. Downward intonation if you’re confident. Upward intonation if you’re not sure.

Get to Know you Question TagsStudent AStudent B – Student A asks 9 questions. Students B asks 9 questions. Student A tries to remember Student B’s answers using Question tags to confirm. Student B does the same.

General Knowledge (100 cards) – Indirect questions starting with ‘do you know…’

What / Which + noun questions (16 cards) – just for practice

What… like questions (43 cards) – Ask and answer.

What does it ____ like? (61 cards) – You need to activate shuffle mode for this one to work properly.

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