Words 3.5.1

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ROME: When something takes longer than we hoped or expected, we sometimes reassure ourselves by saying “R_____ was not built in a day”. Рим не сразу строился. (в россии – москва не сразу строилась)

PERFECT: When we want somebody to do something repeatedly in order to improve, we say “Practice makes p_____”. Повторение – мать учение

WATER: When somebody is more loyal to their relatives than friends or other people we say “Blood is thicker than ____.” Кровь гуще воды.

WRONGS: When we think about how to respond when someone does a bad thing, we often say “Two ____ do not make a right”. Две ошибки не делают ничего правильного.

ROME, ROMANS: When we say “When in _____, do as the _____ do”, we mean that you should follow local customs and traditions. Находясь в Риме, делайте то же, что и римляне.

FENCE: When we say “The grass is always greener on the other side of the _____”, we mean that people always think that what they don’t have is better than what they have. Трава всегда зеленее на другой стороне.

RUN: When somebody’s plans are too ambitious, we sometimes warn them “Do not ____ before you can walk”. Не беги, пока не научишься ходить

POLICY: When we think someone should tell the truth, we advise them that “Honesty is the best ______”. Честность-лучшая политика.

BASKET: When we say “do not put all your eggs in one ____”, we mean that you shouldn’t rely too much on one thing. Не кладите все яйца в одну корзину.

WAIT: We say “good things come to those who ____” when something good happens after somebody showed patience. Хорошее случается с тем, кто умеет ждать. (Тише едешь – дальше будешь.)

PRESENT: We say “there is no time like the _____” when we think that now is the best time to do something. Нет времени лучше, чем сейчас.

LATE: We say “better ____ than never” when somebody finally does something that they should have done earlier. Лучше поздно, чем никогда.